Issue 002

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Here is this weeks issue with 5 top articles that will help you reduce cart abandonment and improve checkout usability for your customers. Thanks for reading.

Cart Abandonment Case Study

Cart Abandonment Case Study: Should I Use a Countdown Timer?

Given the broad differences between promotions with timers and promotions without timers in our larger industry benchmark study I wanted to get some more specific data.

I also wanted to apply what we learned from that large data set to make an informed decision about what to test and see what the results were.

The results were, to say the least, interesting.

Popup Examples for Sales Promotion

20 Popup Examples for Sales Promotion That Maximize Conversions

You can read a lot of articles about how to maximize your revenue and still not be sure what works. Quite often it feels like a guessing game.

To stay a step ahead of your competition, you need to increase your sales and the average order value (AOV) of your customers. You need to maximize your conversions and popups provide an incredible opportunity to do just that.

Product Page UX Implementation

7 Product Page UX Implementations that Make REI Best-in-Class

In this article we’ll therefore explore 7 Product Page implementations that REI excels at, but most large e-commerce sites fail at.

Specifically, we’ll discuss how REI does well in the following Product Page implementations crucial to the Product Page user experience:...

Get Started With Cart Abandonment emails

How To Get Started With Cart Abandonment Emails

Abandoned carts are a nightmare for online businesses. It is essential that you retain your customers and keep them engaged with your brand to keep your business growing.

So, what should you do? You set up a cart abandonment email campaign, that’s what!

Mobile ecommerce checkout experience

How to Create the World’s Easiest Mobile Checkout Experience

Shopping cart abandonment is a real problem for ecommerce stores.

Customers expect their mobile shopping experience to be seamless, easy, and without friction.

If your checkout process does not meet these expectations, your conversion rates will dive, and your revenue will head south.