Issue 004

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Here is this weeks issue with 5 top articles that will help you reduce cart abandonment and improve checkout usability for your customers. Thanks for reading.

eCommerce conversion

eCommerce Conversion Tips To Boost Your Sales This Month

eCommerce is not the next big thing, it is already a BIG thing in today’s world.

While online retailers are mushrooming in large quantities across industries, expanding operations and generating revenue is still a problem.

Why? Because consumers are pickier than ever and fostering customer loyalty is a real challenge.

Revenue with Cart Abandonment Emails

Finding Lost Revenue with Cart Abandonment Emails

Abandoned carts—somehow no matter how well you have set up your online store, they are simply unavoidable. How unavoidable? Nearly 75% of online shopping carts are abandoned.

This begs the question: Why?

Though high shipping costs top the list of reasons why (at 44%), there are possible reasons galore shoppers abandon carts.

abandoned cart recovery case study

How Scott Wyden Imagery Recovered 21% of Abandoned Carts & Grew His List 3x

Are you frustrated by the number of shoppers who add products to their cart, but then leave without actually purchasing?

In this case study, we’ll share how a photography educator battled WooCommerce cart abandonment and recovered 21% of those forgotten carts with one simple button.

cart abandonment emails

Abandoned Cart Email: The Full Story-Part 1

There are so many abandoned shopping carts. Not in the parking of your local supermarket, but online.

As an eCommerce merchant seeing an abandoned cart is a certain trigger to panic. All that work to drive traffic to your store, and boom. Right at the last moment the sale is lost. Argh.

This is a two-part abandoned cart email series. In today’s post we are going to examine the World of Abandoned Cart Emails and how Remarkety can help you tackle the abandoned cart phenomenon.

cart abandonment email examples

Abandoned Cart Email: The Full Story-Part 2

With up to 80% of all carts being left at the last minute eCommerce merchants are crying out for help to capture all that lost revenue.

Thankfully Remarkety understands this problem and has created the ultimate cart abandonment tool to help combat the losses.