Issue 005

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Here is this weeks issue with 5 top articles that will help you reduce cart abandonment and improve checkout usability for your customers. Thanks for reading.

reduce shopping cart abandonment

14 Smart Techniques to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

Here is a great piece put together by Zac Johnson where he discusses 14 ways you can reduce cart abandonment.

It's one of those 'ask the expert' type articles where he get the advice of 14 top eCommerce minds.

I particularly like No. 2 by Justin about focusing on your sites performance.

Amazon eCommerce strategies

Sumo Growth Study: How Amazon Generates $136 Billion In Sales

This article caught my attention because it's a 'mini' study on how the No. 1 eCommerce site in the world does this right and how we can all learn from them.

The site in question is none other than internet monster -

eCommerce checkout flow

How to Design an eCommerce Checkout Flow That Converts

It goes without saying that the checkout flow of your eCommerce store is where the money is at.

So this is where most of your focus should be when you are trying to optimize your sales.

This is an excellent article by Peep Laja over at and goes into some detail on how to get the best out of your checkout flow.

capture emails of cart abandoners

How We Captured the Details for 62% of Cart Abandoners

In this article Peter Boyle from shows us a technique he's been using to capture upto 62% people that abandon their carts.

It's a little different to what most people talk about and the best thing is it's so easy to implement.

negative eCommerce trends

5 Popular eCommerce Trends That Might Be Costing You Conversions

Another great article by Peep.

Here he show's how following some eCommerce trends can actually hurt your conversions.

Which ones (if any) are you still using on your site?

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