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Welcome to the very first issue of Cart Abandonment Weekly. Each week I will scour the web for great content that will inform, educate and keep you bang up to date with the latest news and strategies being used by the web’s top performing online stores. The aim of this newsletter is to help you understand how to reduce cart abandonment so you can make more money from your store or for your client’s store. As this is the very first issue, I have decided to include links to some excellent articles that basically lay the foundation of what cart abandonment really is.

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Shopping Cart Abandonment: Why It Happens & How To Recover Baskets Of Money

This is a great article that will get you right up to speed with the whole cart abandonment problem.
Written by a conversion expert who really knows his stuff.

reduce abandoned cart guide

The Mega Guide to Reducing Shopping Cart Abandonment

Another great article that talks about the essentials of cart abandonment.
It's a detailed article that show the issues that cause customers to abandon their carts along with possible solutions.

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How To Protect Your Ecommerce Site From Losing 68.63% Of Online Sales

In this guide you’ll learn how to track shopping cart abandonment in your eCommerce store, and you’ll also get 20+ actionable ideas to start improving your cart abandonment rate today!

clean checkout pages

The ultimate guide to reduce cart abandonment

There are a whole raft of reasons why cart abandonment occurs.
This article focuses on 7 that Amazon, and ASOS all get right which is a good indicator that you should too!

cart abandonment stats

Shopping Cart Abandonment: 63 Mind-Blowing Stats

This article dives into the statistics that are behind cart abandonment.
If you can reduce the number of carts that are abandoned, your income will increase significantly.

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